Location, location, location…

My parents have owned two units here for 25 years. I have had great memories of coming here. I’ve read through all the comments and what has been said here is pretty accurate. While the units are pretty dated, they are for the most part clean. I have noticed signs of water damage in some corners of the ceilings and moss along the outside of the units but I believe a lot of the structural reasons for this have been or are in the process of being addressed. One of the reason is the very 80ish decks above, the top one now having been removed from the units, hence the “Danger, Do Not Open” signs referred to in other reviews.

I am encouraged by the efforts by the new management. The pool area has always been lots of fun. I understand a leak has been fixed recently as well as many broken patio doors. A new working door has been installed and the other ones have been replaced by windows. This year we interrupted a pool cleaning.

I noticed a lot of activity by maintenance staff during this visit. There was lots of yard work going on and even someone working on the aforementioned moss.

Also regarding the pool, we have spent hours at the pool during each visit. We have it to ourselves most of the time. On only a few occasions have we ever had to share it wih three families in the last 25 years.

I can’t say enough about what a great place this is (the resort and area) for families. We shop for clothes for the kids for school (and no sales tax!). We enjoy driving or hiking up Mt Washington, have explored the outdoors by hikes to waterfalls, take trips on the trains, enjoy the downtown North Coway shops and playground, and enjoy visiting the many junior theme parks and acitivities in the area. We come back for a BBQed dinner, an evening swim, and a family movie. Twenty-five years and we have yet to do all that is offered in the area. And the location is fantastic.