Why Rent When You Can Buy!

Looking to enjoy all winter has to offer?
Be the owner of your vacation home!!

Got a secret for you…it’s cheaper to be an owner!
Renting is far more costly than owning!

Call today and become an owner of a
Ski Season Week 


PLUS!!! As an owner you have the privilege to:

1) Rent additional long weekends or a week vacation at a discounted “owner rental” price.
2) Use the amenities year round, daily even if you happen to be visiting the area or just passing through to shop, ski, or enjoy the scenery.

3) Sign up with Interval International or RCI and Trade your vacation week to visit ANYWHERE in the world!
4) Do you own in the Spring? We offer “In House Trades”. Come visit in the Fall, for a minimum trade fee.

All this while creating memories that last a lifetime!

Call and speak with a CLR dedicated staff member today! 603-356-6335
We’ll help you plan the perfect yearly vacation for you, and your family & friends!


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