If you like being scared out of your wits…come visit Cathedral Ledge Resort, we can help!!!

Stay at our Condo Resort in the heart of the White Mountains, and 5 minutes away from Cranmore!!
Friday and Saturday Nights Starting September 23rd!!
We have an Exclusive Lodging On-Line Offer  for our owners and guests that will save you up to 25% to Cranmore’s Ghoullog! Call us today for availability and…beware the scare!




The Ghoullog

“Are you brave enough to make it through the Ghoullog? Navigate your way through 4 individual haunts in one terrifying experience? Be chased through the dark woods and embrace the horror that’s waiting for you behind every twist and turn? The creators of the Ghoullog have done it again. This is one year you don’t want to miss. We’ll be waiting for you!” ~Cranmore

Or The Haunted Playground

“Scream the night away with unlimited rides on the Giant Swing, Soaring Eagle Zip Line, and Mountain Coaster. Special eff ects and the occasional ghost or ghoul can be found along the way!” ~Cranmore